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Free CPR class for Parents and Teenagers

April 1st at 3:30 pm

Only 30 spots available

Vault Fitness in Stayton. 370 N 2nd Avenue

No registration required, first come first served, We only have equipment and instructors for the first 30 participants.

Our mission is to use our resources to teach as many people as possible about CPR and other life saving skills! If you're a new parent or are a teenager, we're offering a free class for you. Our class will cover adult, child, and infant CPR with special focus on pediatrics.


All our instructors are EMS professionals and either parents or soon-to-be parents who are dedicated to teach you the skills you need to save a life.

Those who meet our minimum standards will receive a CPR for Parents and Teenagers certificate, valid for 2 years. Due to the focus on pediatrics, certification is for children and infant CPR, AED use, and choking emergencies.

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