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About Us

Santiam CPR is determined to exceed your expectations.

Our Mission

We've recognized that many people in our community do not have basic life-saving skills. Our focus is to provide accessible training to those who need it and to give back to the community by offering free hands-only CPR training to community groups and schools.

Our Vision

Our vision is quite simple: Provide the best emergency training possible. Our classes focus on ensuring our students are confident in their skills and understand the steps they need to take to save a life.  We are more than just your standard CPR or BLS class, we work towards developing hands-on skills and we share our knowledge based on real-world experiences so you can have positive outcomes in case of an emergency.

Our Instructors

We're all firefighters and licensed emergency medical professionals. Our instructors have been hand selected due to their real world experiences and passion for teaching. We have a thorough understanding in the steps from recognizing the need for treatment and what needs done to give the best chance for a person to survive in life or death scenarios.

A special thank you

We'd like to take a moment and give a special thank you to Kenzie and Nolan at NW Fit. Without their help and assistance over the years, we would not be able to provide CPR classes to the public. They offered their space for us to teach our classes early on and have been very supportive of our vision.

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