Hello! I have been a firefighter for over 17 years. I began my career as a volunteer, and have been working full time for over five years as a firefighter and paramedic. I graduated with an Associate's Degree in Paramedicine at Chemeketa Community College and am currently enrolled at Columbia Southern University to earn a Fire Administration degree. Working full time on an ambulance has given me excellent real-world experience that I am excited to bring to the general public in order to benefit the greater good.

     Instructing has been a long time passion of mine. I teach a number of emergency services classes and CPR/BLS to citizens. I truly enjoy passing skills and knowledge on to those who are eager to learn. 

     I am supported by my beautiful wife of 12 years, along with my five children; three boys and two girls. We enjoy spending time together, playing board games, walking around our hometown of Lebanon, and experiencing the state of Oregon.

     I hope to help you reach your goal of becoming a certified CPR/BLS provider!


Jason Adamson


Michael perkins

     I work as a professional Firefighter and Paramedic. I began my career as an intern firefighter, where I found my passion for medicine and for emergency services. I obtained my paramedic, and was taken on in a full time role as a firefighter. There, I began to expand on my skills and knowledge base, becoming certified to instruct not only CPR, but ACLS and soon PHTLS as well. I enjoy teaching, and have a passion for sharing my knowledge with others. 

     I also assist with Emergency Medical Service classes at Chemeketa Community College. In my spare time I run a small cattle ranch with the assistance of my beautiful wife, as well as our 3 dogs. 

     I hope that we are able to help teach you some valuable skills, and I look forward to seeing you in our classes! 

     I work as a professional Engineer and Paramedic. I began my career as a volunteer and quickly realized my passion for firefighting and pre-hospital emergency care. I am experienced in not only teaching CPR and Basic Life Support, but also at putting these skills to work in real world situations. It's my job and my passion. I also love passing these skills on to others in hopes that one day they might have a positive impact on someone who may be experiencing a medical emergency. 

     In addition to my work, I am a husband of 15 years and a father of a 9 year old little girl. I'm an avid outdoorsman and love snow sports,  water sports, hiking, camping, and fishing.

     I look forward to helping you become the best CPR and BLS providers you can be!



Jason Carroll


     Hey there! I am currently a paramedic firefighter and have been for over 4 years. Prior to my employment, I was a student intern where I realized my passion and drive in emergency services.

     I entered into fire/EMS right out of high school and desire to continue working in emergency services throughout my life. I have always enjoyed learning new things and passing them on to others. It is a joy to share knowledge and share it with others. Teaching CPR is an amazing way to share my experiences with others.

     I am supported by my beautiful wife and am a father of our 2 year old daughter, with a son on the way. Family means everything to me and I hope to meet yours, and look forward to building relationships throughout these classes.

     Growing up the Willamette Valley, I've seen the importance of knowing CPR in rural areas. CPR is a simple task that can make a huge difference in an individual’s outcome. I hope obtaining your CPR certificate/training will spark your interest and you will pass your excitement to others.


     Hi! I am a licensed EMT and firefighter. I am excited to begin teaching CPR and sharing my experiences with you. We provide a unique perspective to our students because I, and all our other instructors, have first-hand experience giving CPR to a person in need and we know what it takes to give someone a favorable outcome.

     I hope that I see you in a class and hope you feel comfortable with your new skills!



Greetings. I have been a Firefighter for five exciting years, and a Paramedic for the last three. I have a Bachelor of Science in Communication from Oregon State University with a minor in Business. Currently, I enjoy improving my life experience with my career in the Fire Service. I have a passion for health and fitness, and enjoy squat, bench, and deadlift exercises during my free time. My beautiful wife wishes I did more Yoga and Flexibility, but will most likely have to be content with my current state of mobility. My goal is to make learning life-saving skills an enjoyable experience for our customers at Santiam CPR; I also hope to encourage camaraderie among my fellow first-responders in the community. Let’s learn together!